Glimpse of Greece

We love to escape into uncharted places and we are happy to share our experiences with you.
Athens flat vacation rental host team has created this section“Glimpse of Greece” in order to offer brief glances on unknown Greece.
Dare to deny the beaten track and allow yourself visiting places out of the box.

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A nature’s gift187 km north of Athens center, in the island of Evia (Euboea), the town of Edipsos is located. Its center is spreading in the main coastal road across the seaside, where a long line of all kind of tavernas and cafes can be found. People of all ages are sitting around or walk up and down, overlooking the alive little fishing port as well as the ferries connecting the city with Agios Konstandinos. At dusk, during summer months,…
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If you plan to visit Peloponnese, make a short deviation (1,5 km) in order to see the Canal and take some photos. After all, this is vacations all about. To create memories and visit places that are unique and unlike anywhere else. Corinth Canal is 83 km away from your vacation rental in Athens center, and just 9.8 km from the city of Corinth. Reaching Corinth be sure you deviate to Loutraki and then follow the signs to Epidaurus in…
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Wondering around the banks of Achelous river, we were ecstatic by the vastness, serenity, and the unique nature of the landscape. As far as the eye could see, there is nothing but an immense flatness in every direction! The only limit at the depth of the horizon is the gleaming mountains, blue from the relentless midday sun! And in between the motionless shimmering waters, where lawn aquatic plants are forming reddish and golden patches mixed with green and yellow. The…
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Travel out of the box! If you prefer places less traveled, the lush natural landscape of Amvrakikos wetlands might be an interesting idea. Located in western Greece, near the towns of Arta, Preveza and Vonitsa, it is considered as Mediterranean's most extended wetlands. The mild climate, the serene waters, the characteristic local fishing boats called “priaria”, the particular geomorphology of the area and the many green islets make the traveler confused. What is the mainland and what an islet? What…

The Corint Canal

A sense of Athens

Short videos by the official City of Athens guide and the Greek National Tourism Organisation. Enjoy!

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