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Long before the days of television, radio or even cinema a different form of entertainment existed In Greece, derived from folkloric traditions. It included paper or camel skin - made puppets which were handled by puppeteers who stood behind a white screen, illuminated from the back. Between the figures and the player (who was invisible), were candles or lamps that shed light to the figures and made their silhouettes visible to the audience through the cloth. Traditional puppets gave off…
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Funded by the Eugenides Foundation, a scientific and educational institution, Athens' Planetarium is south eastern Europe's largest and most technologically advanced scientific cinema. The 280 seat domed venue takes visitors on a 3D virtual trip around the galaxy narrated in English as well as Greek. With its 150 projection systems, displays of space, planets and stars appear across the entire hemispherical ceiling, entirely immersing you in the film. Current shows include titles such as 'Evolution', 'The Mystery of Life' and…
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The Museum of Greek Children’s Art is a pioneering Museum, one of the very few worldwide that exhibits exclusively drawings and three-dimensional artworks created by children 5 to 14 years old. The Museum's aim is to highlight the uniqueness of Children's Art, offering the chance to get acquainted with Art since childhood.It is addressed to children and adults, parents, teachers, artists and scientists and offers outlets that an adult has deprived long and a child needs to experience every day,…
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There is nothing better than spending the day with your children at the largest zoo in Greece. First of all do not forget to pick up a map of the park at the entrance as it will help you immensely during your tour. Beautiful animals from all over the world will enchant and impress the whole family as well as leave you with unique memories. Attica Zoo Park has more than 350 animal species, and half of these species are…
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To put ruins and museums into perspective, take a virtual-reality trip to Ancient Greece at the futuristic Foundation for the Hellenic World, about 2km southwest of the city centre. The Tholos virtual-reality theatre takes you on an interactive tour of the Ancient Agora or allows you to get a feel for life in ancient Athens.The Kivotos time machine has 3D floor-to-ceiling screens with a live guide taking you through ancient Olympia and Miletus.Find out more on http://www.fhw.gr/cosmos/index.php?id=1&&lg=_en and keep in…
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The Acropolis Museum supports independent learning by making available backpacks filled with activities and ‘family trails’ for families with young children, free of charge. Families can choose between a quick and simple visit using one of the booklets, or a longer and more intricate, using one of the backpacks, which are also equipped with games. Both family backpacks and Family trails are written and designed by the Acropolis Restoration Service Education Team of the Acropolis Museum. Family backpacks for children…
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The Hellenic Children's Museum is a non-profit educational and cultural organization that was established in Athens in 1987 and aims to encourage children to explore, learn, discover and question all around them. It is located in two houses which have been specifically designed for use by children. Κids will be excited to find a museum dedicated to their amusement rather than the more traditional ones they get dragged to. The space is full of games and interactive exhibits and a…
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Athens' most popular theme park, and one of the most popular in Greece, Allou Fun Park offers children and adults the opportunity to enjoy some seriously exciting rides. There are rides to suit every age group and thrill threshold, from the serene and relaxing to the eye-poppingly scary. The views over the city of Athens from the top of the panoramic ferries wheel make great photo souvenirs. Children under 10 years of age will do better to go to the…
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Goulandris Museum of Natural History is a magical place for children. Visitors can admire the rich collection of life-sized animal replicas. One thing is certain … children of all ages will hold their breath while older visitors will find the museum really educational.A visit to the Goulandris Museum of Natural History is a great opportunity for children to come into contact with the animal and plant kingdoms and understand the interaction of ecosystems. Children will be impressed by the life…
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The Benaki Toy Museum opened to the public in 2017. Its holdings, based on the collection of Maria Argyriadi that is among the most important in Europe, include toys, books, ephemera, clothing and other items associated with childhood from Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. The Greek collection features toys and other items for infants and children dating from antiquity to modern times: handmade traditional toys, fairground and commercially-produced toys, board games and group street games as well as childhood…

The Museum of Greek Childrens's Art

A short video presentation of the Museum with English subtitles

Karagiozis Greek shadow theater

Karagiozis and a Marionette Maker.
A short presentation with English interpreter


Let's sing together the Greek Alphabet

Athens Planetarium

Vagabonds in the Solar System invites you on a fascinating journey to the asteroids and comets of our solar system. At Eugenides Foundation Planetarium

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