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A medical company for the provision of all medical services at the patient's location. Call 1016 anytime, 24/7, and speak with a physician who will immediately arrange everything you need at your location.

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SOSdoctorsSOS doctors are there to offer you medical advice and services at any time.

How it works

- CALL FOR FREE 1016 from a landline or mobile phone.

-  SOS DOCTORS operator records the symptoms, advices the patient or people of his surrounding and notify accordingly the appropriate specialists.

- Right away the SOS DOCTORS visit the patient at home, using a specially equipped vehicle.

- SOS DOCTORS stay next to the patient until the crisis is over.

- SOS DOCTORS inform both the patient and the attending physician with a written medical opinion.

- SOS DOCTORS’ remuneration is fixed and patients always get a payment receipt.

- It is possible to call an ambulance for transfer to a hospital and also to perform diagnostic tests at home.

- SOS DOCTORS call the patient to learn about the progress of his health.

- SOS DOCTORS’ assessment and offered services are on-going.

- SOS DOCTORS is not a non-profit organization, but a private medical company. The doctor or other partner who will visit you will receive specific fees, which will have already been announced to you by the coordinating center, and will issue you a payment receipt. Fees are also published on their website.


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