Emergency calls

Emergency callsYou can call the European emergency number 112 (free of charge), from fixed or mobile phones, even without a SIM card, to contact any emergency service: an ambulance, the fire brigade or the police.

How does 112 work?

A specially trained operator will answer any 112 call. The operator will either deal with the request directly or transfer the call to the most appropriate emergency service depending on the national organization of emergency services.

If you don’t know where you are, the operator will identify your physical location and will pass the call to the emergency authorities so that they can help immediately.

112 calls are answered on average within 9 seconds. There is no specific help for disabled people.
If you call 112 by mistake, DO NOT hang-up. Just wait for your call to be answered and tell the operator, you called by mistake. Otherwise rescue mechanism will be triggered for no reason, like someone is in real danger.

112 is not the only emergency number in Greece. They also exist:
100 - police
199 - fire brigade
166 - emergency medical service
108 - coast guard
197 - emergency social assistance


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