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Achelous outfall National park

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Wondering around the banks of Achelous river, we were ecstatic by the vastness, serenity, and the unique nature of the landscape.


As far as the eye could see, there is nothing but an immense flatness in every direction!

The only limit at the depth of the horizon is the gleaming mountains, blue from the relentless midday sun! And in between the motionless shimmering waters, where lawn aquatic plants are forming reddish and golden patches mixed with green and yellow. The perfect hide and seek playground for the plenteous buzzy insects.


But besides the natural beauty, what makes wandering around this unique landscape such an essential experience are the dozens, maybe hundreds of alleys giving the impression they are sneaking and crawling to the surface of the water.


In here, the horizon line is blurring because of the heat and the humidity. Therefore reference points do not exist. As a result, navigation and orientation are becoming an interesting game. If you are intrigued to find this place, you should really study the map.

If you visit it, you should have a GPS and really know how to use it.

Living in the center of Athens as we do, it doesn’t necessarily mean we do not love nature or the countryside. Indeed! Whenever our obligations allow it, we love to escape into uncharted places. So, if you are an Athensflat’s current guest, if you just want to find out more about Achelous outfall, or other “out of the box” destinations do not hesitate to contact us.


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