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Clean Monday

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Monday the 19th of February 2018 is a national holiday thus a day of celebration.
Clean or Ash Monday, “Kathari Deftera” in Greek, marks out the 40-day period of the Great Lent for the Eastern Greek Orthodox Church, which is called “Sarakosti.”

seafoodClean Monday puts an end to the preceding three week Carnival celebrations. Invites Orthodox Christians to leave the sinful attitudes associated with Carnival behind and prepare themselves for Easter.

The tradition of Clean Monday in Greece involves food for adults and fun for kids!

The tradition menu for this day wants dishes based on seafood such as seashells, shellfish like shrimp and mussels, cuttlefish, octopus and more. Trade mark of the day is the taramosalata, (a dip made out of the salted and cured fish roe from carp or cod, mixed with olive oil, lemon juice and bread crumbs), the lagana, (an unleavened flatbread baked only on that day) and of course, ouzo drinking.

Clean Monday’s favorite game for kids is the Kite flying and this is a part of the tradition.
Friends and families organize picnics to open areas, so as to fill the skies with their kites and enjoy their meal at the nature.
In older times, kites used to be handmade, for that many traditional workshops were involved in making kites for over 70 years. Nowadays the wooden kites have been replaced by plastic ones, but there are still some kite-making handcraft. The secret of a successful kite is in its balances and tail.

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If there weather is good, you can see the traditional kite flying in almost every open air location of the city, such as Philopapou hill

For those of you that like seafood, a must see is the central market of Athens. Specially for that day it is open from Sunday 22:00 non stop until Monday 13:00 and it is unbelievably crowdy.
Athenians are visiting this market for their sea food shopping after their carnival’s last night parties.
If you decide to pay a visit please take care of your personal belongings.

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