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Athens Central Food Market

Athens central food market is probably the most crowded place of the city.Here you can find fresh fishes, meat, fruits, vegetables and local products at affordable prices. But it needs a great patience and quite some time to find what you need. Be prepared for something really primitive and perhaps completely different from what you expect. Exposed goods, shouting sellers trying to attract customers, prospective customers looking to buy and visitors just footling about! Make your choices wisely and always mind your personal belongings.

The Public Market Place of Athens has been in business nonstop since 1886 and is one of the few public buildings that has not changed usage since the day it was built.

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  • Address:: 42 Athinas str.
  • Working hours:: Daily 07:00 - 17:00. Sunday closed.  
  • What to expect::

    Fresh meat, fish, seafood and vegatables in a remarkable place

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