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Corinth Canal

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If you plan to visit Peloponnese, make a short deviation (1,5 km) in order to see the Canal and take some photos.


After all, this is vacations all about. To create memories and visit places that are unique and unlike anywhere else.

Corinth Canal is 83 km away from your vacation rental in Athens center, and just 9.8 km from the city of Corinth. Reaching Corinth be sure you deviate to Loutraki and then follow the signs to Epidaurus in order to find your self back to the High Way.


During the antiquity, several important people dreamed of digging a shortcut through the same place where the Corinth Canal stands today. But they never did! Instead, "Diolkos" a stone carriageway has been built, along which ships were pulled and pushed by manpower from one side to the other.

The idea of the Canal was revived after Greece gained formal independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1830, but it was again abandoned because of the extreme cost. Fresh impetus was given by the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869. French entrepreneurs were put in charge but, but because of the bankruptcy of the French company that dug the Panama Canal, French banks refused to lend money and the company went bankrupt. Finally, in 1881 another French company took over the construction with the return to operate it till 1968.

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Olimpia Odos , Greece

The Corint Canal

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