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Hellenic Children's Museum

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paidiko mouseioThe Hellenic Children's Museum is a non-profit educational and cultural organization that was established in Athens in 1987 and aims to encourage children to explore, learn, discover and question all around them.

It is located in two houses which have been specifically designed for use by children.

Κids will be excited to find a museum dedicated to their amusement rather than the more traditional ones they get dragged to.

paidiko mouseio3The space is full of games and interactive exhibits and a variety of activities are organized for visitors.

An activity might be something like learning how chocolate is made, helping to make it, and then getting to eat it!

The Hellenic Children's Museum is both educational and extremely entertaining and it is frequented by locals as much as by tourists. The staff are very friendly and capable and know just how to entertain their little visitors.

At the basement you can find a shop with original games, educational books, gifts for children's celebrations, books, traditional artifacts and many other ideas that give children the opportunity to play creatively, to explore and be entertained.

The museum is best for children under 10.

tel. 2103312995
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