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House of Parliament - Evzones

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A major point of interest for any traveler to Athens is Syntagma Square, no more than 3’ minutes walk from Athens flats.

Syntagma Square

Site of various political and cultural functions it remains the city’s beating heart. Most major events that occur in the country have been celebrated there.

At the upper part of the Square one can easily see the house of Parliament, dominating the landscape, initially served as the King’s palace. The founding stone was laid on 1836, but the first king and the queen of Greece, Otto and Amalia, took up residence in July 1843. However, since 1929 the house of Parliament has been permanently installed and operating in the building.

Right below the house of Parliament lays the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a war memorial dedicated to the Greek soldiers killed during the war. The marble monument features a nude male figure of a dead warrior wearing an ancient helmet and holding a circular shield.

Evzones at Syntagma Square

However, the most famous aspect is the changing of the guards by the Evzones in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. For many tourists, watching the Evzones walking with their characteristic march is an exciting and memorable experience.

Every full hour, Evzones perform "the change of the guard". The ceremony begins when fresh soldiers march down Vasilisis Sophias Street from their barracks at the edge of the National Gardens.

The Evzones who have until now remained completely motionless, begin a routine of stomping, swinging their limbs and marching in unison. When they finish, the new soldiers complete the same ritual before taking their places on either side of the Tomb. In 15 minutes, the exchange is complete. The tired soldiers march back to the barracks for a well-deserved rest.

Every Sunday though, at 11 o’clock a.m. changing of the guards is a more ornate ceremony, where scores of people gather to watch. Just 3’ minutes away from your Athens Flat doorstep, you should be there as well!


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