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Kalimarmaro Stadium

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It is one of our city`s most popular touristic attractions and one of Athens landmarks.


The Panathenaic Stadium is located on the site of an ancient stadium and for many centuries hosted games in which nude male athletes competed (gymnikoi agones) in track events, athletics championships as we would call them today.

The stadium was built long before dimensions for athletics venues were standardized, and its track and layout follow the ancient hairpin-like model.

kalimarmaron stadium

It could once seat about 80,000 spectators on fifty rows of marble steps and currently holds 45,000 spectators

The games, which since antiquity had been held in an area far from the city, were included in the programme of the Panathenaia festival celebrations in 566/565 BC. When the orator Lykourgos assumed responsibility for the finances of Athens, in 338 BC, he included in the public works carried out in the city the building of a Stadium.

Discovolos statue

Because of the marble, the temperature in the Stadium during summer can be very high, the best hours to visit the Stadium during the summer months are in the morning and late afternoon, when temperatures are lower.

On warm days, we suggest you bring along a bottle of water and sun protection.

For your own safety during the winter months, care is advised on the steps, especially during wet weather.

If you feel energetic, you can go for a run around the stadium, on the the footsteps of great athletes! Athletic shoes necessary!

Do not forget to take a photo on the podium against the backdrop of the Stadium.


An unforgettable photo.

If you want an amazing photograph, you should climb to the upper tier of stand 21, from where you can capture the Acropolis, the Parthenon, Filopappos Hill, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Zappeion, the National Gardens and Lycabettus Hill.

The Cafe is open daily.

More details: www.panathenaicstadium.gr

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