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Long before the days of television, radio or even cinema a different form of entertainment existed In Greece, derived from folkloric traditions. It included paper or camel skin - made puppets which were handled by puppeteers who stood behind a white screen, illuminated from the back. Between the figures and the player (who was invisible), were candles or lamps that shed light to the figures and made their silhouettes visible to the audience through the cloth. Traditional puppets gave off black shadows against the white screen, but some more recent puppets have holes covered with colored silk or plastic gel materials to create colored shadows.

Karagiozis Puppet Shadow Theater

The main traditional - comical character in Greek Shadow Theatre is Karagiozis. Poor, hunchbacked and always luckless, he lives with his wife Aglaia and his three sons, in a cottage across from the Ottoman palace. His right hand is always depicted long, his clothes are ragged and patched and his feet are always bare. A representation of the Greek common people and their social and political struggles and he is still in a collision with everyone and everything unjust, whether it be a social or political.

Karagiozis Greek Shadow Puppet Theater

Shadow theater was developed in many lands, including China, India, Persia, Indochina and Asia Minor. Karagiozis seems to have come to mainland Greece, probably from Asia Minor (Anatolia) at the 19th century, during Ottoman rule. But there are several legends as well as studies surrounding Karagiozis. Some stories say that Greek merchants brought the art from China and others say that it was a Greek who created the "legend" during Ottoman rule for the entertainment of the sultan. Yet others believe that it originated from real events involving two workers in the construction of a mosque in the city of Bursa, Turkey in early 14th century. However, it slowly developed into an art form of its own kind, acquiring a Greek interpretation which also included music, acting and social satire incorporated with traditional folklore.

30 Tripodon str. Plaka
For reservations tel: 210 32 27 507 mobile: 6948 85 24 93
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Every Sunday morning: 11:30
Show duration: 50 minutes
Shadow theater general admission: €5
Puppet theater general admission: €8 ευρώ
Puppets and Karagiozis workshop: €10 (suitable for children over 5 years old)

More information : www.fkt.gr

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