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Located just behind the Greek parliament building, next to Syntagma Square, just few minutes walk from the Athens flat.

Zapion National Garden in Athens

Picnicking with the children at the National Gardens on a Saturday has become a common pastime for local Athenian families and is a great way to spend a sunny summer's day when the days are long.

 The National Garden Athens Greece

The gardens used to be called the Royal Gardens because they were the gardens of the king and the locals are very proud of this lovely green space in a city which doesn't actually have many parks.

They have a collection of plants and trees from all over the world and plenty of water features which add coolness in the heat, a small zoo, duck ponds, resident cats, a Botanical Museum, a playground and lots of wide-open space for children to play in.

 Zappeion National Gardens

For children who love books, the gardens are also home to a Children's Library.

There are many beautiful areas to relax in the shade and get some respite from the busy city of Athens, ideal for walking or running and children play.

Locals enjoy playing games together at makeshift tables and often they don't mind if you want to join them.

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This is an ideal place to enjoy a day away from the busy center of Athens. If you carry your supplies you can enjoy a picnic at nature.

panorama kessariani1

Mount Ymettos is a long, narrow mountain of 20 km total length while its highest peak reaches 1,026 m.
6.4 Km (4.0 miles) away from Syntagma square

Highlights of the western part:

- The Orthodox Monastery of Kessariani

It is believed that the monastery was established in Byzantine times in ca. 1100 as this is the date of construction of the surviving church. But, the site has a far longer history as a cult center. In Antiquity, before being taken over by Christians in the 5th/6th centuries, it was probably a site dedicated to goddess Aphrodite.
Moreover, next to the Monastery there are remains of the 10th/11th centuries such as a large early Christian basilica to the west, and a smaller church further.

Early monks of Kessariani had their cells and refectory equipped with a Roman plan bath-house with hot and cold baths and a warm water heating system.
During the Ottoman occupation the luxurious bathhouse was transformed into a more utilitarian oil press, parts of which have been preserved.
During World War II all the trees of the surrounding hill were cut down. In about 1964 the Athens Friends of the Tree Society “Philodasiki” took charge and have planted them after. The large garden of the monastery is now a peaceful sanctuary.

Please keep in mind that Kessariani Monastery is an active church. So, if you intend to visit it dress appropriately. Inappropriate clothing includes sleeveless shirts, shorts, miniskirts e.tc.

Kessariani Monastery is an excellent starting point for a hike, a bicycle ride or just a picnic on Mt. Ymettos since it has paths that lead to the forest. The scenery and the full city view makes Kessariani Monastery a popular recreation spot, especially on the weekends.

panorama monastery

- The aesthetic forest

The whole area, successfully reforested by Philodassiki after extensive efforts was declared an “Aesthetic Forest” in the Presidential Decree PD 71/94. The aesthetic forest covers an area of 4,460 acres and surrounds the Byzantine Monastery of Kessariani.
It stretches from the edge of the city to the rocky slopes of Ymettos at 760 meters altitude. Medium and strong slopes dominate the area (30% - 65%) the area is ideal for leisure activities such as hiking and cycling.
Various species of trees grow in the forest, but cypresses and pine trees predominate.

- Botanical walk

The garden that originally established in 1964, on land near the Monastery of Kessariani, was the home of over 200 different species of plants from Southern and Central Greece, the Aegean islands and Crete.
Altitude: 360 - 410m
Orientation: Northern - Northwestern

Αlong the paths the visitor can see many species of plants and trees with their Greek and Latin names written on beautiful wooden signs.
The aim of the garden is threefold: conservation, education and pleasure. The conservation of rare and threatened with extinction species is the primary purpose of most botanical gardens today. The members of Philodassiki Society are very concerned with the ever increasing growth of plants on the Red Data Book list. Of paramount importance is, therefore, the existence of the nursery of Philodassiki for the multiplication of threatened plants and their reintroduction to the garden.


How to get there

Public bus 224 From Syntagma To Kessariani Cemetery takes about 50 min depending on traffic.
From the Cemetery the Monastery is 2 km walk (altitude difference 275m / 942 ft) .

By taxi 20-35 mins. Cost about 7€ one way.
For your way back you need to have an appointment with the driver or use a relevant app on mobile phone (e.g. BEAT, UBER). Additionally you can walk downhill to the cemetery where there are taxis.
If you go with your private car please note that car access to the forest is prevented by bars after the dusk, especially during the summer period. Also parking is not very easy on weekends as this for the Athenians is a popular place to go.

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The Benaki Toy Museum opened to the public in 2017.

Benaki Toy Museum kids will love it

Its holdings, based on the collection of Maria Argyriadi that is among the most important in Europe, include toys, books, ephemera, clothing and other items associated with childhood from Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

The Greek collection features toys and other items for infants and children dating from antiquity to modern times: handmade traditional toys, fairground and commercially-produced toys, board games and group street games as well as childhood customs. A special display showcases toys made by members of Social Clubs for the Elderly based on memories from their childhood.

Benaki Toy Museum in Paleo Faliro

The European collection includes urban and folk toys between the 18th and 20th centuries, mostly from England, France and Germany, as well as European-made dolls dressed in traditional costume from various areas of Greece.

The Benaki Toy Museum is housed in an eclectic-style building dating from 1897–1900. It was donated by Vera Kouloura in accordance with the wishes of her husband, Captain Athanasios Koulouras, a benefactor from the island of Hydra. The building’s architecture combines neo-Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau elements.The Benaki Toy Museum in Faliro

Visiting hours from Thursday 26/10/17:
Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday: 10:00 - 18:00

Full Admission: 9€
Reduced Admission: 7€

How to get there

Buses: 217, 550, 860, A1, B1, B2

Tram from Syntagma square (TROKANTERO station)


Visitors on a wheelchair or with baby strollers can use the entrance on Tritonos street.

Tel.: 213 0258498
Official website

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A small but fascinating museum for music lovers, with free entrance.

musical instrument museum athensThe Museum of Popular Music Instruments “MELMOKE” is housed in an old Athenian mansion built in 1842, since June 1991 and presents the results of a half century of research and study by the musicologist Fivos Anoyanakis.

The collection of about 1200 Greek popular musical instruments dating from the 18th century to the present day are exposed mainly on the basis of their ethnological and musical interest.

The display is arranged according to instrumental types, accompanied by explanatory labels in two languages (Greek and English). Earphones beside the show – cases enable the visitor to listen to musical examples of the sound, musical range, playing techniques and combinations of the displayed instruments.

At the Museum shop, you can find excellent replicas as well as original musical instruments.

Some recitals of Greek traditional music are given in the garden of the Museum.


Tuesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday: 10:00-14:00
Wednesday: 12:00-18:00
Monday: Closed

Diogenous 1-3, Plaka
Athens 105 56
Tel: +030 210 3254119, +030 210 3254129

More information at athensmuseums.net

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The Industrial Gas Museum opened its doors to the public in 2013. The main objective of the Museum is the promotion and protection of the old Athens Gasworks plant, an industrial heritage monument that supplied energy and lighting in the Athens metropolitan area for 130 years.

The Industrial Gaz Museum in Athens

The visit to the Museum includes a museum path with 13 stops in specific areas of the factory. The museum path tour helps the visitor follow the gas production line, admire the mechanical equipment and the old machinery, learn about the role played by the management and workers of the factory, find out about the work conditions and become familiar with terms such as industrial heritage and archaeology.

Industrial Gaz Museum Athens

The Museum has a rich collection of photographs and archive material as well as audiovisual material, including short films and recorded interviews of factory workers and residents of the area. The museum’s collection is further enriched with items from the factory itself as well as interactive applications.

The Industrial Gas Museum is the first industrial museum in Athens. It supplements the museal map of Athens and highlights one of the few surviving industrial heritage monuments of the city.

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Athens' most popular theme park, and one of the most popular in Greece, Allou Fun Park offers children and adults the opportunity to enjoy some seriously exciting rides. There are rides to suit every age group and thrill threshold, from the serene and relaxing to the eye-poppingly scary.


The views over the city of Athens from the top of the panoramic ferries wheel make great photo souvenirs. Children under 10 years of age will do better to go to the next-door section of the park called 'Kidom' which is tailored to younger kids. There are lots of games, activities and great meal and snack options available so it is easy to spend a whole day or night enjoying the park.

Access to Allou is technically free - which is wonderful for those family members who are keen to just soak up the festive atmosphere. But, for those who wish to ride or participate in the activities, there are a variety of payment options.

Kifissou & Petrou Rali - Agios Ionnis Rentis
tel: 210 8092800 (office) - tel: 210 8092888 (park)

Catch METRO Red line No 3 to AIGALEO (8 minutes) - walk to THEODOR POLI KANDRIOTIS 5 minutes and then catch BUS No 845 ( (8 minutes, 4 stops)
BY taxi aprox. 20 minutes €12

Monday to Friday: 17:00- 23:30
Saturday & Public Holidays:10:00 – 00:00
Sunday: 10:00-23:30
In case of bad weather conditions, operating hours may change. Please contact +30 210 80 92 888, to be informed.

Daily pass for adults from €21, for kids from €16 (find more http://www.allou.gr/en/park/?Parkid=2)

More useful information:  www.allou.gr 

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Goulandris Museum of Natural History is a magical place for children. Visitors can admire the rich collection of life-sized animal replicas.


One thing is certain … children of all ages will hold their breath while older visitors will find the museum really educational.
A visit to the Goulandris Museum of Natural History is a great opportunity for children to come into contact with the animal and plant kingdoms and understand the interaction of ecosystems.


Children will be impressed by the life sized exhibits, which even include mammals.

Goulandri Museum Of NaturalHistory-Gaia permanent exhibition

The exhibition at the Gaia Centre aims to provide information about the way our planet works and mankind’s influence on it. Its ultimate goal is to educate visitors about our planet’s resources and improve visitors’ ecological consciousness. Gaia Center demonstrates to visitors the way planet Earth has been functioning for millions of years and how it functions today, with the interventions of modern people.
It is highly recommended that you visit the Goulandris Museum of Natural History around Christmas, if it happens to be in Athens.

Tuesday to Friday 09:00-14:30
Saturday 09:30-16:00
Sunday 10:00-16:00
Monday and Public Holidays Closed
Standard: 6€
Children over 5 years old: 4€
Children under 5 years old: Free

Please check with the museum about hours of operation, timetables for the shows as well as ticket prices and availability. Contact the museum: by  email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ot tel: (+30)2108015870, 


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A mere 8km outside of Athens, Diomidous Botanical Garden sits like a green haven in amidst the bustling city; 1,800 hectares of peaceful tranquillity in the western suburbs of Haidari. Its extensive array of flora includes a number of rare species as well as a selection of trees from Africa, Asia and Australasia.


Used as an area to study for students from the University of Athens it's also a botanists dream with a number of pharmaceutical plants.
The Diomidous Botanical Gardens are a unique ecosystem housing both wild and cultivated species (organized by geography and theme).
A historical plants section offers up species mentioned in Greek mythology and the Old Testament, such as the laurel dedicated to Apollo (Laurus nobilis), the ivy dedicated to Dionysus (Hedera helix) and the narthex (Ferula communis), the giant fennel stalk in which Prometheus hid fire stolen from Zeus.


Photo courtesy: Paris Tavitian (lifo)

The Herbarium includes 19,000 dried plant samples, most from protected areas belonging to the NATURA 2000 network.

After a cooling stroll along the bamboo path, visit the section on plants and economy, where you’ll find species that contribute to the world of modern commerce: fruits, vegetables, wood, fabrics, pigments, resins, scents and spices. Don’t miss the Egyptian lotus pond; as you’ll learn, it’s a misnomer, since the lotus originated in Asia.
Among the medicinal plants, you’ll find aloe, balsam, ginger, lavender and rosemary. In the nearby nursery and greenhouse, you’ll find sugar cane, pepper, cacti and endangered species.

Note: Cars, motorbikes, bicycles and pets are not permitted in the gardens. Ball games are strictly forbidden. Children under 14 years old must be escorted at all times.

Guided tours: Specialists conduct tours from Monday to Friday, by prior arrangement.
Call the Diomidous Botanical Gardens at 210-5811557.


Visit it`s website for more info

How to get there:

 Take the Metro to Egaleo and then grab bus No. 801, 811, 845, 866 or X63

 A Taxi (up to 4 persons) will cost around 9€/one way

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The Museum of illusions in Athens is a different, contemporary museum in which guests are requested to touch the exhibits and are encoraged to take photos.In fact, you'll regret if you do not carry a camera fully charged and with memory space.

moi gr exhibits ames2

Visit this museum if you like experiential entertainment.
Ιn a building with a total area of more than 400 sq. m. special designed rooms, installations, images and visual games designed to sharpen the mind and confuse the eye, will lead you to experience the impossible.

moi gr exhibits rotated2

Visiting this museum you will be thrilled because nothing is what it seems!

moi gr exhibits chair

Each of the exhibits is based on science, mathematics, biology and psychology, deceives and confuses our confidence in our own senses, stuns slightly, but at the same time astonishes and trains.
Amusing and awesome tricks will teach you about vision, perception, the human brain and science so it will be easier to perceive why your eyes see things which your brain cannot understand.

moi gr exhibits optical

Make sure you visit the playroom with intriguing and educational games and puzzles.
A real fitness center for your brain. These brain bashers are definitely great fun but tend to be frustrating as well.
Play with the brain teasers, puzzles, impossible knots, tricks and mathematical games as well as other educational concepts which will break your mind but simultaneously make you smarter.

It’s the place to be for new experiences and fun with friends and family, suitable and inspiring for children.

In the smart shop, you can buy Dilemma games, optical illusion, educational toys, wooden puzzles , 3D lightings and more. You try them out, ask questions, and choose something that is just right for you.

museum outside

Working hours:
Monday to Sunday
10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Museum captions: Greek and English
Ticket price:
Adults: 9€
Children (5 – 18 years): 6€
Students: 7€
Family: 23€* (includes2 adults
with 2 children 5 – 18 years)
Address: Astiggos 12 (a small street starting at Ermou 119)
Phone: 2103238065
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More info at the official website

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The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) covers an area of 210,000 sqm.

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

Designed by the architectural firm Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW), the SNFCC is a multifunctional urban complex that includes new facilities for the National Library of Greece, the Greek National Opera, and the Stavros Niarchos Park.

Renzo Piano envisaged the SNFCC rising out of the ground like a dislodged piece of the earth’s crust. As a result, an artificial hill is constructed and the roof of both the library and the opera house is emerging from it maintaining the slope. The library is lower and the ‘hill’ concludes with the opera house. The roof of the library will be covered with ground material. On top of the opera house, there will be a canopy supported on thin steel columns. According to Piano, "the canopy represents a cloud hovering over the highest point of the hill"

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

It is a recreation destination as it offers environmentally sustainable education, arts, playground and an interesting architectural structure.

The National Library of Greece
The nearly 24,000 m2 (235,000 sq. ft.) building combines traditional with technological innovation, conservation with information and communication. A nationwide digitization project helps make heritage materials available to the public and offers access to the Library’s various collections. Connectivity with other libraries both nationally and globally allows the Library’s users access to material abroad that is relevant to Greece or Hellenism. In addition, a Business Center provides the public with an active hub for enterprise, knowledge, and innovation, offering computer workstations, laptops, and wireless connectivity.

Holdings include over 4,500 manuscript codices from the 9th to the 19th century and a rich variety of important historical documents and archives.

The Greek National Opera

 National Opera in Stavros Niarchos Foundation

Covering an area of 28,000 m2, the new premises of the Greek National Opera can only be compared with the most modern opera houses in the world. The high aesthetics and acoustics, as well as the installations of the Main Stage (Stavros Niarchos Hall, 1400 seats), bolster a high-calibre artistic program. Furthermore, the Alternative Stage (400 seats) is a hub of research and creativity in the field of education, community and contemporary artistic creation, with special emphasis in all forms of the musical theater.
More info and scheduled performances 

The Stavros Niarchos Park

StavrosNiarchosFoundation Park

The Stavros Niarchos Park, a modern Landscape Architecture project has been designed in accordance with the principles of sustainability, ecosystems and the alternations of a place that is in constant evolution. It is a welcoming and open space, with plantings and a character that reflects the Mediterranean landscape.
Every Thursday at 13:00 there is a guided tour in English language.
Meeting point: Visitors Center (Evripidou & Doiranis, Kallithea)
Tour Duration: 90 '
Number of participants: 20 people

Please note
*The tour involves continuous walking down the Stavros Niarchos Park and the use of stairs. Estimated walking distance is calculated at 1 km.
*The tours at the Stavros Niarchos Park will be conducted under sufficient weather conditions.
*Τhe Stavros Niarchos Park is fully accessible for people with disabilities. For further information please check

Renting a bike
Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center Bikes is a short-term bicycle rental service for children and adults able to use a bicycle.

There are 50 adult bikes available distributed across the three bike stations around the SNFCC (Visitors Center, Agora, Rear Agora) and 25 kids' bikes at the Visitors Center. (fifteen 20-inch bikes for children aged 5–8 and ten 24-inch bikes for children aged 9–13)
The SNFCC Bikes have three speeds and are equipped with hub dynamo powered headlight and taillight, bell, saddle with adjustable height, short-term safety lock and basket for carrying light objects along.
Hours of operation are 09:00-21:00 daily.
Registration 3€
Rate per hour (€3/5/10/20 prepaid pack options) 1€

Μore info about bicycle rental

How to get there

For convenient access to and from the SNFCC, transportation by shuttle bus is available daily to visitors, free of charge. A minibus bearing the SNFCC logo departs from Syntagma Square (intersection with Ermou Street), with a stopover at the Syggrou-Fix Metro station (Syggrou Avenue), and arrives at the south side of the SNFCC Canal (near the GNO building) and vice versa.

On Sundays, from 10.00 to 13.00, the shuttle bus runs only from Syggrou-Fix to the SNFCC and vice versa, due to the scheduled changing of the Presidential Guard in front of the Hellenic Parliament. In the event of special traffic regulations the schedule of shuttle bus, might be modified accordingly.
See the time timetable and other ways

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The Acropolis Museum supports independent learning by making available backpacks filled with activities and ‘family trails’ for families with young children, free of charge. Families can choose between a quick and simple visit using one of the booklets, or a longer and more intricate, using one of the backpacks, which are also equipped with games. Both family backpacks and Family trails are written and designed by the Acropolis Restoration Service Education Team of the Acropolis Museum.

Family backpacks for children and parents contain various games and activities that are exhibition-based and are supported by colorful children’s exhibit labels in the Museum galleries. The pack activities require families to work together to solve its challenges.

Family trails for children and parents are individual theme based activities that focus on a ‘trail’ of exhibits throughout the Museum. The trails require less time and effort than the larger backpack, but still offer guidance for a structured activity in the galleries that makes Museum visits fun.

Tickets are available for sale either at the Museum’s Ticket Desk or via e-ticketing service.

For information on eligibility for reduced admission ticket or free admission, please visit museum's web site.

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Funded by the Eugenides Foundation, a scientific and educational institution, Athens' Planetarium is south eastern Europe's largest and most technologically advanced scientific cinema.


The 280 seat domed venue takes visitors on a 3D virtual trip around the galaxy narrated in English as well as Greek. With its 150 projection systems, displays of space, planets and stars appear across the entire hemispherical ceiling, entirely immersing you in the film.

Athens Platenarium Eugenides Foundation

Current shows include titles such as 'Evolution', 'The Mystery of Life' and 'Space Garbage'. Check out the calendar of screenings to see what's new on the website. In addition to the space viewings, they also show historical films about Ancient Greece and current IMAX movies. The venue has disabled access with ramps and lifts to all floors as well as specially designed seating areas.

Best if you reserve your seats in advance. Call +30 210 9469600


 How to get there:

Take the Metro (Red Line) to Agios Dimitrios and get off at Sygrou-Fix station. Then take Bus No.126 till station "Trapeza" you can ask the driver. In 3 min walk you will reach the Planetarium. Ticket 1.20€ per person/one way

Or you can take taxi (up to 4 persons) that should cost around  8€ one way

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Long before the days of television, radio or even cinema a different form of entertainment existed In Greece, derived from folkloric traditions. It included paper or camel skin - made puppets which were handled by puppeteers who stood behind a white screen, illuminated from the back. Between the figures and the player (who was invisible), were candles or lamps that shed light to the figures and made their silhouettes visible to the audience through the cloth. Traditional puppets gave off black shadows against the white screen, but some more recent puppets have holes covered with colored silk or plastic gel materials to create colored shadows.

Karagiozis Puppet Shadow Theater

The main traditional - comical character in Greek Shadow Theatre is Karagiozis. Poor, hunchbacked and always luckless, he lives with his wife Aglaia and his three sons, in a cottage across from the Ottoman palace. His right hand is always depicted long, his clothes are ragged and patched and his feet are always bare. A representation of the Greek common people and their social and political struggles and he is still in a collision with everyone and everything unjust, whether it be a social or political.

Karagiozis Greek Shadow Puppet Theater

Shadow theater was developed in many lands, including China, India, Persia, Indochina and Asia Minor. Karagiozis seems to have come to mainland Greece, probably from Asia Minor (Anatolia) at the 19th century, during Ottoman rule. But there are several legends as well as studies surrounding Karagiozis. Some stories say that Greek merchants brought the art from China and others say that it was a Greek who created the "legend" during Ottoman rule for the entertainment of the sultan. Yet others believe that it originated from real events involving two workers in the construction of a mosque in the city of Bursa, Turkey in early 14th century. However, it slowly developed into an art form of its own kind, acquiring a Greek interpretation which also included music, acting and social satire incorporated with traditional folklore.

30 Tripodon str. Plaka
For reservations tel: 210 32 27 507 mobile: 6948 85 24 93
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Every Sunday morning: 11:30
Show duration: 50 minutes
Shadow theater general admission: €5
Puppet theater general admission: €8 ευρώ
Puppets and Karagiozis workshop: €10 (suitable for children over 5 years old)

More information : www.fkt.gr

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To put ruins and museums into perspective, take a virtual-reality trip to Ancient Greece at the futuristic Foundation for the Hellenic World, about 2km southwest of the city centre.

Cultura lCenter Hellenic Cosmos

The Tholos virtual-reality theatre takes you on an interactive tour of the Ancient Agora or allows you to get a feel for life in ancient Athens.
The Kivotos time machine has 3D floor-to-ceiling screens with a live guide taking you through ancient Olympia and Miletus.
Find out more on http://www.fhw.gr/cosmos/index.php?id=1&&lg=_en and keep in mind that for some inexplicable reason ... the website is far below than the show!

How to get there:
Buses: 049 (Piraeus-Omonoia) stop ATHENS SCHOOL of FINE ARTS
914 (Omonoia-Piraeus-Palaia Kokkinia) stop ATHENS SCHOOL of FINE ARTS

254 Pireos street,Tavros (Next to the Athens School of Fine Arts)
Telephone: +30 212 254 0000

Winter (October 1st to June 12th).
Monday: closed
Tuesday - Wednesday – Thursday: 09:00 - 13:30
Friday: 09:00 - 20:00
Saturday: 11:00 - 16:00
Sunday: 10:00 - 18:00 /
Summer (June 13th to September 30th).
Monday: closed
Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday – Friday: 10:00 - 15:00
Saturday: 11:00 - 15:00
Sunday: 10:00 - 15:00

Per show: Adults €5-10 / Children €3-8,
Day pass: Adults €15 / Children €12
Sunday educational programms €8,5


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The Athens Pinball Museum, the first in Greece, have just open for the public (September 2018).

With a daily entrance fee of 10€, people of all ages (children over 8 years old) can play unlimited.

The Athens Pinball Museum exhibits pieces constructed from 1958 tο the most recent years.
Οver 100 pinball machine titles, perfectly maintained, in excellent condition and 100% playable are there for you to admire or play with.

The Athens PinBall Museum

Centuries ago, games were played outdoors by rolling balls or stones, usually on a grass course, such as bocce or bowls.
The evolving and specializing outdoor games finally led to indoor versions that could be played on a table, such as billiards.
The tabletop versions of these games became the ancestors of modern pinball.

The inspiration of the past and the combination of high technology and art led to pinball (flipper) machines.

Each one is unique!

The Athens Pinball Museum

Those futuristic machines were revolutionary, following the last trends of technology in complexity, and timeliness.
They are actually an interactive game as an individual or group of players can play.

The goal of the museum is to present to the general public these electro-mechanical miracles as well as their preservation over time.

Α workshop for repair and maintenance works on the premises of the Athens Pinball Museum.

At the cafe, with no entrance fee, you can enjoy coffee, drinks and snacks

Working hours 10:00am to 00:00 (midnight)

Address: Dionisiou Aeropagitou & Makri 2
(next to the Acropolis Museum and Acropolis Metro station)

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paidiko mouseioThe Hellenic Children's Museum is a non-profit educational and cultural organization that was established in Athens in 1987 and aims to encourage children to explore, learn, discover and question all around them.

It is located in two houses which have been specifically designed for use by children.

Κids will be excited to find a museum dedicated to their amusement rather than the more traditional ones they get dragged to.

paidiko mouseio3The space is full of games and interactive exhibits and a variety of activities are organized for visitors.

An activity might be something like learning how chocolate is made, helping to make it, and then getting to eat it!

The Hellenic Children's Museum is both educational and extremely entertaining and it is frequented by locals as much as by tourists. The staff are very friendly and capable and know just how to entertain their little visitors.

At the basement you can find a shop with original games, educational books, gifts for children's celebrations, books, traditional artifacts and many other ideas that give children the opportunity to play creatively, to explore and be entertained.

The museum is best for children under 10.

tel. 2103312995
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The Museum of Greek Children’s Art is a pioneering Museum, one of the very few worldwide that exhibits exclusively drawings and three-dimensional artworks created by children 5 to 14 years old.

Museum Of Greek Childrens Art

The Museum's aim is to highlight the uniqueness of Children's Art, offering the chance to get acquainted with Art since childhood.
It is addressed to children and adults, parents, teachers, artists and scientists and offers outlets that an adult has deprived long and a child needs to experience every day, collaborating with Institutions, professionals and researchers with relevant interests.


The Museum's collections include 8,000 drawings and 3d artworks created by children, enriched each year. It proposes an educational approach enriched by art created by children and contributes to the development of a young generation interested in culture.

Visiting Hours
Monday and holidays: closed
Tuesday-Saturday: 10.00 - 14.00
Sunday: 11.00 - 14.00

Entrance: 3 €.
Free entrance for those obtaining license for free admission to Museums

9 Kodrou str. (extension Voulis str.) Plaka
Tel: +30210 3312 621 & +30210 33 12 750

More information: www.childrensartmuseum.gr

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There is nothing better than spending the day with your children at the largest zoo in Greece.

First of all do not forget to pick up a map of the park at the entrance as it will help you immensely during your tour. Beautiful animals from all over the world will enchant and impress the whole family as well as leave you with unique memories.


Attica Zoo Park has more than 350 animal species, and half of these species are endangered. As well as the exotic animals, a section of the park is dedicated to Greek fauna, where the brown bear is the stand-out attraction. Bird lovers will enjoy watching the many different kinds of birds. In the past Attica Zoo Park used to function as an Ornithological Park which had the third biggest collection of birds in the world.
Giraffes, zebras, antelopes, pink flamingos, jaguars, penguins, hippos, rhinos, camels … these are all amongst the incredible assortment of animals waiting for you. Try not to miss the Komodo dragons and the anteaters. One of the highlights of the park is the playful sea elephants and the fascinating dolphin show at the pool.

On Sundays, provided that the weather is good, the place can get crowded, especially during the peak hours of 11:00 a.m. – 14:00 p.m. which means that waiting time to get in can be more than 30 min. To avoid the hassle it is advised that you schedule your arrival at the park a bit earlier or later, or prebuy the tickets on-line.

How to get there: http://www.atticapark.com/en/visitus/how-get-here.274.html

The Zoo operates daily from 9:00 am until sunset. The entrance closes one hour before sunset.

Adults €16
Children 3-12 years old €12
Under 3 years old Free Entry
Marine Mammals' Educational Programs (in addition to zoo ticket) €3
Family pass - 2 parents + 2 children (3-12 years old) €52
Family pass - 2 parents + 3 children (3-12 years old) €62

For information: tel:(+30)2106634724  -  Website: https://www.atticapark.com/?lang=en

How to get there: http://www.atticapark.com/en/visitus/how-get-here.274.html

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