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Kolonaki disrtict

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Kolonaki is the elegant and chic area of central Athens thus an upmarket district.


It is located between Syntagma square, Lycabettus hill, and Exarchia.

From the National Gardens, cross Vassilias Sophias street, walk from Irodou Attikou str. past the beautiful mansion that houses the Benaki Museum and you will find yourself at Kolonaki square.

Its name derives from the two-meter column, located in Kolonaki Square, that defined the area even before a single house had been built there.

This is the area that you can find many museums, art galleries, high-end boutiques, prestigious haute couture, delicatessen and of course lots of coffee shops and restaurants. One of its main shopping pedestrian street, Voukourestiou str. is well known for its jewelry.


Walk further past the cafes, turn left up Anagnostopoulou street at the top of the square, go right on Iraklitou str, then up the steps and through the small park. You will end up at a place called Dexameni that means cistern which is what the square sits upon.
It used to be the water supply for all of Athens and was actually built by Emperor Hadrian and the ancient walls are still there.
High enough to be breezy and cool, is a place that Athenians love.

Here there is a playground for kids and a restaurant that you can enjoy a casual lunch or drinks.
On Fridays there is an organic market here from 9 am to 1 pm.

There is also an outdoor movie theater that shows mostly English language films.

Right across the street from the park is the Hotel Saint George Lycabettus, one of the best hotels in Athens with a great view and a swimming pool.

Within few minutes walk you end up at the Lycabettus Funicular, a funicular railway, that links Kolonaki to the summit of Lycabettus hill


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