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Koronisia – Amvrakikos wetlands

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Travel out of the box!
If you prefer places less traveled, the lush natural landscape of Amvrakikos wetlands might be an interesting idea.

Amvrakikos wetlands

Located in western Greece, near the towns of Arta, Preveza and Vonitsa, it is considered as Mediterranean's most extended wetlands.
The mild climate, the serene waters, the characteristic local fishing boats called “priaria”, the particular geomorphology of the area and the many green islets make the traveler confused. What is the mainland and what an islet? What is fresh water and what the sea? But you won’t find here blue sandy beaches or cosmopolitan resorts.

Drive from Arta to “Logaros” and “Tsoukalio” lagoons and don’t let the first boring mileage to disappoint you! Soon you will be driving in a narrow strip of land in between water, in a landscape, you will never forget.

Visit the small village “Koronisia” for food, or coffee or even overnight. You need a good two full days to explore the incredible beauties and unspoiled nature of the wetlands.

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Unnamed Road , Koronisia, 471 00, Greece
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