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The Athens Pinball Museum

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The Athens Pinball Museum, the first in Greece, have just open for the public (September 2018).

With a daily entrance fee of 10€, people of all ages (children over 8 years old) can play unlimited.

The Athens Pinball Museum exhibits pieces constructed from 1958 tο the most recent years.
Οver 100 pinball machine titles, perfectly maintained, in excellent condition and 100% playable are there for you to admire or play with.

The Athens PinBall Museum

Centuries ago, games were played outdoors by rolling balls or stones, usually on a grass course, such as bocce or bowls.
The evolving and specializing outdoor games finally led to indoor versions that could be played on a table, such as billiards.
The tabletop versions of these games became the ancestors of modern pinball.

The inspiration of the past and the combination of high technology and art led to pinball (flipper) machines.

Each one is unique!

The Athens Pinball Museum

Those futuristic machines were revolutionary, following the last trends of technology in complexity, and timeliness.
They are actually an interactive game as an individual or group of players can play.

The goal of the museum is to present to the general public these electro-mechanical miracles as well as their preservation over time.

Α workshop for repair and maintenance works on the premises of the Athens Pinball Museum.

At the cafe, with no entrance fee, you can enjoy coffee, drinks and snacks

Working hours 10:00am to 00:00 (midnight)

Address: Dionisiou Aeropagitou & Makri 2
(next to the Acropolis Museum and Acropolis Metro station)

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Makri 2, Athina, 117 42, Greece
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