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The new ticket system in Athens public transport

The ticket system transitions, in Athens public transport, has recently (2017) changed from simple paper tickets to modern electronic ones.

Ath ena

There are three available types:
Ath.ena Ticket - Ath.ena Card Anonymous and Ath.ena Card Personalized that are made from different materials but use the same contactless technology.
The Ath.ena Ticket is paper rechargeable ticket, that can be used again and again as long as it is in good condition.
Can be charged and recharged with a

  • 90-minute ticket for all modes
  • 5-day tickets
  • Airport transfer tickets
  • 3-day tourist tickets.

It can be bought from and recharged at all Athens transport ticket offices as well as automatic ticket issuing machines. Not available online.
Half-priced Ath.ena Tickets are available only from Athens transport ticket offices.

The anonymous Ath.ena Card is a Plastic rechargeable card that can be used for as long as you wish.
You don’t need to show any document in order to buy it and that is why there are no half-priced ticket products available for it.
Can be charged and recharged with a

  • 90-minute ticket for all modes
  • 5-day tickets
  • Airport transfer tickets
  • 3-day tourist tickets.

It can be bought only from Athens Transport ticket offices. You cannot buy it on automatic machines or online. Credit cards are accepted at a number of ticket offices and hopefully soon, at all ticket offices and automatic machines.
When you first buy an anonymous Ath.ena Card, it has to be charged with a bundle of five 90-minute tickets for all modes, or any other ticket product costing at least €4.5.
It can be recharged at the Athens Transport Ticket offices as well as the automatic ticket issuing machines.

The personalized Ath.ena Card is a plastic rechargeable card that can be for as long as you wish.
It holds the photo and name of the passenger it belongs to.
Can be charged and recharged with all Athens transport products varying from One 90-minute ticket for all modes to 365-day tickets.
Cards are issued at most -but not all- Athens transport ticket offices.
To purchase a personalized Ath.ena Card, for locals is required a Greek ID card and the AMKA certificate. For non Greek citizens, it can be issued with a passport, while the photo is taken on site.
They are delivered empty and can be charged by their owners with any ticket product.
Cards can be charged and recharged at Athens Transport ticket offices, ticket issuing machines and online using a smartphone or tablet with NFC technology.
Half-priced ticket products are available for the Personalized Ath.ena Cards.

All of the above types of tickets:
Can be bought regardless of when they are going to be used. Any ticket product is valid with the first “touch in” of the card.
Ticket products that aren’t used, remain inside the Ath.ena Card or Ath.ena Ticket and can be used in the future as long as the ticket or card remains in a good condition. Officially, Ath.ena Tickets (paper) last for a year from the purchase, while Ath.ena Cards (plastic) last for 10 years.
You can check the remaining time at automatic ticket issue machines and ticket offices.

Regardless of the type of ticket, you must touch-in and touch-out at the metro stations every time you pass through a gate, even if it is open.

As for bus, trolley or tram you must only touch-in.

Ticket types and full prices for all modes except airport routes.
One 90-minute ticket €1,40
Two 90-minute tickets €2,70
Five 90-minute tickets €6,50
Eleven 90-minute tickets €13,50
24 hour ticket € 4,50
5-day tickets € 9,00
Please note that, there is a daily cap of 4 tickets per day. Τhat means, if you have already used 4 tickets in one day, no other ticket will be used that day. But, you must continue to touch-in and touch-out every time you pass through a gate (even if it's open) and touch-in every time you board a bus, trolley or tram.

Ticket types and full prices for all modes including airport routes.

Express bus 1 passenger € 6,00
Metro from/to the Airport 1 passenger, one way € 10,00
Metro from/to the Airport 2 passengers, one way € 18,00
Metro from/to the Airport 3 passengers, one way € 24,00
Please note that in combined tickets, passengers must travel together or else the ticket is considered invalid.
Metro return ticket to the Airport 1 passenger (within 48 hours) €18,00
3-day tourist ticket includes unlimited travel for 72 hours in all means of transport plus 1 trip from and one trip to the airport by metro or Express bus) € 22.
Pallini, Peania or Koropi stations, from/to the Airport one way 6€

Who can benefit from the 50% reduced ticket price regardless of nationality

You’ll need to show a document that proves you are eligible.
Note that the 24h ticket is not available, as reduced.
Foreign students 25 years old or younger
Seniors over 65 years old.
Children aged 7-12
Teenagers aged 13-18
Free of charge for children aged 6 years and under

How to use your ticket or card

In buses, trolley-buses and the Tram, you use the blue card readers, installed close to all doors. You place your card or ticket close to the contact point, under the screen. A sound and message on the screen will linform you if your card is valid and for the time or tickets remaining in the card. You need to touch in every time you get on a bus/trolley bus/tram, regardless of the ticket product you are using. You don’t need to touch in before exiting the vehicle.
On the metro and suburban railway, Place your card or ticket at the card reader on your right side as you’re going through the gate. A sound and message on the screen will inform you if your card was read successfully and the remaining time of your ticket. You need to pass through the gates installed at every station and validate your ticket or card as you enter AND exit the station.

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